Tower District
Preservation Association
Preserving. Enhancing. Promoting.


Welcome to the Tower District Preservation (TDPA) home page. We're happy you're here, and, whether you landed here by happenstance or by design, we want to extend a warm invitation to get to know us, to work with us, and to support our efforts to preserve, enhance and promote the Tower District Specific Plan area.

What is the TDPA?

The Tower District Preservation Association is incorporated in the State of California as a public benefit corporation to serve the Tower District Specific Plan Area in Fresno, CA. Through its Board of Directors and a planned broad-based community general membership, the TDPA is working to preserve, promote and enhance the economic health, the diversity, and the uniquely historic character and vitality of the Tower District.

The TDPA networks with local government agencies, with other non-profits, and with other Tower area groups to support the Tower District in a variety of ways, including through community outreach and education, as a resource and referral agency, and as a lobbying agent for code enforcement and public improvement projects. The TDPA has created and will maintain this website to keep the community informed and active.

Vision for the Tower District

The vision for the future of the tower District is two-fold:

First, the historic, pedestrian-oriented character of the neighborhood must be retained and maintained. For decades, pressure had been mounting to destroy historic structures, widen roads, and convert the area into something that resembles a contemporary suburb. This is not acceptable.

Second, the residents of the Tower District envision it growing and evolving, just as it did in its first 40 years of existence, into an area that has even more vitality, more street life, more goods and services, more pleasurable public spaces, and more beautiful architecture.

Most Importantly, The Tower District has always been — and should continue to be — just a little different from the rest of Fresno.


TDPA Objectives

The TDPA Board of Directors meets at least monthly to discuss, plan, and strategize effective interventions. Ongoing activities that support our goals and objectives include, but are not limited to:

Collaborating with local agencies to identify code enforcement and zoning issues as well as needed public improvement projects (such as open space, street and sidewalk repair).

Working with local government agencies and other organizations to develop and implement strategies that will ensure a quality and diverse housing stock that is appropriate to a variety of income levels.

Seeking out and grants and other funding to assist with implementing public improvement projects.

Planning and implementing special events and activities that promote the Tower District as a unique and wonderful place to live, as well as a destination for visitors.

Creating opportunities for community outreach and education, such as through planned community workshops and through social media campaigns.

Lobbying local agencies in support of the Tower District Specific Plan through direct contact, telephone contact, letter writing campaigns and through social media platforms.

Actively promoting the Tower District as Fresno's premiere regional arts and entertainment district.

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