Tower District
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Tower District Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines Approved, Fall 2004

The Tower District is a special place within the City of Fresno, with a long history and distinctive architecture that make it unique. However, the Tower District is not a museum exhibit preserved in amber, nor should it be. The Tower District is a dynamic, living neighborhood where new growth and development are welcome. However, since the Tower District is a special place, "any old thing" will not do.

While we have no intention of freezing the neighborhood in time, we also have no intention of allowing it to be degraded. We want growth, and we welcome evolution – but we demand excellence and insist that the neighborhood maintain its distinctiveness. In the end, all neighborhood residents will benefit from properly designed growth. Never in the history of mankind has a neighborhood suffered from being too beautiful. With that in mind, we have established these guidelines.

Tower District Specific Plan Design Guidelines

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